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LOL, Love Truth

March 30, 2010 1 comment
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Old but True

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment
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Why I am Not Sure that Forever Exists

February 22, 2010 1 comment

Found this in my notebook not too long ago.

By my estimate, that note has to be 4-5 years old.

I’m very unsure why I never ripped it out.

Probably left it there as a cautionary lesson that I’ve forgotten again and again.

On the surface, at least….

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

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Random Admission

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Let’s start with a quote from a blog I read the other day:

“I guess he throws himself into everything he does that way, always over the top.” — BeAwesomeInstead

Sometimes I’m Ted.  To really accomplish something, I have to drink the Kool-Aid.  I have to be all in, or I don’t think it will pan out.

As we all know, when you leap before you look, you get burned.  But sometimes being burned proves you’re alive.

Sometimes I’m Ted.

Irony indeed

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

You should probably do whatever you can to avoid option #3. 

Not everyone gets a “When Harry Met Sally” second-chance.

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100 Things About Me, parts 76 – 100

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

76. I cheat at Uno.
77. I believe a good moustache is trickier than it looks.
78. I judge books by their cover.  And their weight.  And how they’ll look on my shelf.
79. What happened to Kevin Costner?  Is there a life-lesson here I’m missing?
80. I like baseball because it ties me to history.  I like college football because it ties me to tradition.
81. I nearly severed my thumb playing basketball in the fifth grade.  Didn’t even hurt until it came time to clean it and stitch it.
82. I think that finding a good barber is a rite of manhood.
83. I’m not sure if it’s better to be the Quarterback or the Offensive Coordinator.
84. I usually only read a book by a new author if they have more in the series.  I hate waiting for the next book to come out.
85. I once took a picture of someone being rather inappropriate with a Ronald McDonald statue.  This should have been strike 3 against that person.
86. I love Legos. Still.
87. Escalators should be more fun.  I should be able to slide up and down the handrail.
88. When things get awkward, I laugh.  A lot.  Awkward = funny with me.
89. My zodiac profile says I’m two-faced.  I call it versatile.
90. I can’t open my eyes under water.  They’re slanty and the water shmushes them.
91. I’m allergic to empty beer glasses/bottles.
92. “Smell ya later” is a closing I’ve tried to make happen a few times.
93. I am excellent at putting electronics together.  Less so at putting gametes together.
94. I will judge you by how you take your eggs.
95. When I doodle, I always draw shapes first, then figure out what I can make from it.
96. I do not like to text in short form: I feel bad writing “ur” instead of “your” or “you’re”
97. My orange t-shirts have been stolen the most often.
98. I have been in love a few times but my heart has only been broken twice- and both times it was worth it.
99. I like roasting marshmallows in theory.  In practice, I make them into fiery lumps of sugar.
100. John > Paul.  I have a friend and an uncle named Paul, but I once had a very serious boss named John. 

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