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Why I’m not a Web Designer (sorta)

The graphic below is incredibly funny to me because all of my last month has been devoured by working on the development of a new web-based system at work.  A system, mind you, that we had mapped out entirely over a year ago, and are just now getting to beta.

Every day I have to have 4-5 conversations with different people who are involved because they each have different inputs, and I have to try to make a congruent system out of their ever-changing whims.

You have:
1.) “I don’t care if it makes sense, this is what I want” guy
2.) “I think everything needs a graph, even if nobody will ever use it” guy
3.) “I just pretend to pay attention” guy
4.) “I can’t be bothered, do what you want, I’ll change it later” guy
5.)  Me.  Brave Brave Sir Ryan.

This is what I get for trying to push progress. (and also trying to set precedent now instead of when it’s too late)

I swear that by the end of this I’m going to get a forearm tattoo that says “Form FOLLOWS Function”

Truth:  “Too Late” seems to be about 5 minutes BEFORE the average person I know likes to consider that there may have been a better way to do something.  This, of course, only occurs to them because they are being called on the carpet.

How Web Design Goes To Hell

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