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Positive Street Art

Though I haven’t featured it in a while, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time (yes, I’m talking to both of you readers out there), you know that I love Street Art.

Many people may view this as a crime, but it’s one that’s been happening since art was invented, and, frankly, many of our modern buildings so ugly it’s criminal.  A recent acquaintance wrote about local Street Art at his blog here, and today I came across this great piece courtesy of Wooster Collective:

(side note: I just noticed that Wooster Collective decided to feature the piece that’s right down my block on their site.  Check it out here)

Darban, South Africa - Reverse Graffiti

The image below is a pictorial history of the architecture of Darban, scrubbed into the retaining wall along a highway.  Yes, this “graffiti” is actually just the voluntary removal of the grime that settles into our modern urban landscapes.

Pretty awesome in my book.

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