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גם זה יעבור

Translation from Hebrew: “This too shall pass”.

Pretty sure this is the greatest of all quotes.

I can’t think of anything else that surmises the totality of what I am.  A quote from a story about Solomon being humbled in his own hubris, later retold (though refitted and mangled) by Abraham Lincoln

I am always intrigued by both the endless mysticism of how I came to be here, a product of the mixing of so many cultures and conquests. Spanish, Roman, Mexican, Jewish, Welsh, Scottish… I don’t even know how I got my slant-eyes, so there’s something else in there, too.

I’m also tirelessly amused/inspired by the strength of the human spirit.

After all, I wouldn’t be much of a Catholic if I didn’t think redemption and triumph were possible, right?

Regardless of all that, I think that this is the greatest quote of all-time for the same reasons Lincoln did:

How much it expresses!  How chastening in the hour of pride!  How consoling in the depths of affliction!

And isn’t that all we really need?

(what’s this guy in the picture waiting for?  Hot date, bad news, consolation, happy friends… this image is almost as universal as this quote…)

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