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Weird Conversation from this Morning

On the way into work/my place this morning, Anie & I were discussing Monday’s episode of HIMYM (which was awesome, BTW.  You should check it out if you haven’t already), and right away, the first topic Anie wanted to bring up was this quote:

“Which would mean … I didn’t get super wasted and throw up all over myself. Oh wait, I did both of those things! Soo … face.”   — Ted Moseby

Now, I love my girlfriend’s unorthodox sense of humor, but some people would be caught off-guard by vomit related conversations at 8am.  Nope, not us.  That baby kept right on rolling, and ended somewhere along the lines of “well Ted might not be, but I’m vomit free since ’03”.

Just kidding, but not really, because I am.

P.S.:  Anyone else feeling that Alyson Hannigan-Denisof is now the hottest woman on that show?  Sorry Robin, and yes, even Rachel Bilson.  You are no @alydenisof.

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