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How did I not know about this awesomeness coming?

While spell-checking a name for another post, I found myself on IMDB and couldn’t help but click the Malin Akerman link.  Afterall, she is unbelievably gorgeous without seeming unnatural.  All in all, she’s a pretty good contender to be my third wife. 

Well that link led me to a film called “HappyThankYouMorePlease“.  This little ditty is written & directed by Josh Radnor, aka none-other-than Mr. Theodore Moseby himself, and stars both Malin Akerman and every-fan’s-dream-girl Kate Mara. 

The synopsis of the film goes:

Captures a generational moment – young people on the cusp of truly growing up, tiring of their reflexive cynicism, each in their own ways struggling to connect and define what it means to love and be loved.

That’s where I get both excited and miffed, because that’s pretty much the exact road I’ve been on for the last 4 years, since the dissolution of my first marriage, new-found freedom, disillusionment with societal expectations, trips, falls, cliff-dives and soaring new heights.  I’m excited to see a project along the same lines, but not in the flavor of HIMYM The Movie, but wondering why nobody reached out to me to write this bad boy.  I could have wrote the shit out of this film.  I could dictate a painfully awkward scene with one side of my mouth, while telling a “hell yeah that was an awesome time” story on the other side. 

I guess the real reason I decided to write this was because I hadn’t fully grasped before that what I’ve been experiencing is a “generational moment”.  I imagined that my loss of cynicism, and my opening views were a product of my own journey and my own abilities. 


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