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100 things about me. Parts 1 – 25

I stole the concept of this list from another blog  (brainyjane22.wordpress.com), but the facts below are all adapted to be true about me.

1. I was born May 22nd, 1982.  My mother spent 24-hours in labor with me before I was shorn from her womb like McDuff. 
2. I really like juice boxes.  I’m neutral on Capri Suns.  I wish someone made a 40oz juice box.
3. Buying books gives me a high.
4. My favorite fruit is oranges, but I eat strawberries and bananas more often
5. I want to visit Israel, London and Madrid. I never want to go back to Mexico.
6. In high school we frequently convinced the bus driver to take us thru the McDonald’s drive-thru.
7. My favourite ‘kid friendly’ joke is still the “frayed knot” one.
8. “What up!” (channeling Barney Stinson) is my favourite thing to yell when I’m excited
9. I can play the piano only in my dreams.  I also solve crimes in my dreams and once dated Golda Meir & Gweneth Paltrow simultaneously. 
10. I’m much more productive in the summer, which further proves my theory that I am solar powered.
11. I think Janet Jackson is either overrated or underemployed.  I feel the same about a lot of “pop stars”
12. I have a tin star.  Not sure that makes me a real law man.
13. I apologize many times, but rarely say “I’m sorry” unless I really am.
14. I do not own a Dave Matthew’s cd.  Why own a song that sounds like my GF in her sleep.
15. I prefer Cat Stevens to Sheryl Crow, but I would not like to be named Cat.
16. I can only wear watches for a limited timespan.  I’m glad beepers/cellphones were invented to tell time.
17. I can do the robot, but I also greatly fear robot-apocolypse.
18. When I don’t think I’ve explained myself as clearly as I could have, I use my hands to chop the conversation and take control back.
19. My mother always liked carnations.  I don’t understand girls who hate them.
20. I like to say I’m excellent at roulette.  I am not excellent at making ballsy bets, though.
21. I’m excellent at talking without saying anything.
22. I love bacon like nobody’s business.
23. i like extremely violent weather.  387 days of sun each year will do that do you.
24. I always fall asleep on road trips.  Even “road trips” to the corner store.
25. John Krasinski is no Martin Freeman.  This is the reason The Office is horrible here.

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  1. December 29, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I always fall asleep on road trips too. As soon as I sit in a car, I’m out. One of the main reasons why I hate driving.

    As for carnations, I think they’re commonly thought to be the “cheap” flower. I like them too, I find them pretty and they do have a pretty nice symbolism (other than their “cheap” reputation).

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