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Krantz may be my new hero

Exhibit A:  Dude got a TV show made about him and his friends that is A – Not on MTV and B – Pretty damn funny

Exhibit B:  Dude blogs, like actually blogs, and regularly.  Clearly got me beat there.

Exhibit C:  Dude plays poker for a living.  A very succesful living.

Exhibit D:  Dude quotes HIMYM in his blog.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog Dangerlion, and the subsequent HIMYM scene that goes with it. 

8:15:12 PM jay: so its decision time amigo
8:15:18 PM jay: just how important is star wars to you?
8:15:28 PM jay: + we’ll prob get epicly drunk
8:15:32 PM chuck: pretty important
8:15:38 PM chuck: but there is 0 chance that i cna commit to that right now
8:15:44 PM jay: how come
8:15:50 PM jay: what are the issues at hand
8:15:57 PM chuck: no idea what’s going on this weekend
8:16:11 PM jay: this is not like a
8:16:23 PM jay: yah ill do this if nothing else pops up kind of thing
8:16:31 PM jay: this is one of those times that fate aligns
8:16:52 PM jay: and you throw down your gloves and watch all those goddamn movies

****While writing this post, I was eliminated from a multi-table hold’em tournament online.  This is the shortest I’ve ever lasted.  Clearly the Kratz-skills aren’t absorbed from blogging alone.

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