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Nerd-Cool: We Love to Learn Everything about Everything We Love.

Yes, I meant what I said.  Go back and re-read that title.

When a nerd digs something, we really dig it (sometimes literally; those nerds are called archeologists).  If we’re into something, we’re going to find out everything we can learn about it.

We do this for two reasons:
1.)  Because we think that our expertise is directly tied to our devotion, and that everyone will know we are the tops at something because we know every obscure fact about it
2.)  Because we want to be the best at whatever it is. 

Think about it.  Star Wars nerds really love them some Jedi.  They forgive George Lucas for making Jar-Jar Binks, they think Episode 3 wasn’t a complete waste of time, and they can do a very impressive Admiral Akbar impression (It’s a trap!).  They love Jedi so much that they prolly even listen to Jedi Mind Tricks and think Vinnie Paz is the best MC ever.

Even undercover-nerds follow this line.  Think about the jock-nerd who plays Madden til his thumbs blister up.  Those guys know the rosters and each team’s weaknesses within days of the game being released.  I once played a game of Madden against a dude who’d set-up his entire roster just to be unstoppable at kick returns.  No, not just his kick returner, his entire roster.  When you know how well lineman block, you’ve put some serious dedication into this.   Don’t even get me started on PC Game nerds.  The amount of nerd-rage generated when one PC Game nerd gets out nerded is palable.  Nerd-rage like that could lead scientist to discover affordable fusion-reactors and power the hadron-colliders non-stop.

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