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Nerd-Cool: 1337-ness

My name’s Ryan and I play games. Alot.

I really shouldn’t say “play” games, because playing implies the change for failure.

I WIN games.

I win games and I pwn noobs while doing it.

And I LOVE IT!!!

I can’t lie, I love pwning noobs. No matter what game it is, I just can’t help but win, sorta like the main character on Pure Pwnage, but not Canadian.

This leetness has lead me to actually stop playing/buying console games because my brother and my friends would always get tired of playing against me because they’d lose consistently.

It’s not like I didn’t WANT to be a good sport, but I can’t sit here and lose on purpose. I’m like Mickey in SNATCH. I just don’t take the dive.

Then I found WoW. Yes WoW is nerdy, but in the end I spend less time and money playing WoW than I would playing console games and having to buy a new one every month because I was bored.

Plus WoW has something like 11-million players, so there’s a nearly endless supply of n00bs to pwn.

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