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Flick to See

I know my last post here was a bit negative, so here’s some friggin’ good news to spice it up. Totally conned Anie into going to see “Vicky Christina Barcelona” instead of something else (can’t honestly recall was it was she wanted to see, so I’ll assume it was Sex and the City) last weekend. This film is, for immediate lack of a better term, wicked awesome!

Ok, for the more specific endorsement, this film has substantial, yet not overwhelming, dialogue, terrific framing, and scenery that almost made me become an immediate ex-pat.

(for those of you keeping score at home, yes, that was an Oxford Comma I used above)

It also seems to have two hot chicks making out, but that was less of a high-point than the minute-by-minute raw sensuality oozed by the three primary love-interests (no, I’m not talking Javier Bardem, I’m talking about the doll who’s not Scarlett or Penelope).

Perhaps what intrigued me further is that almost the entire dialogue of each of the main characters is phrased and delivered in such a way that only Woody Allen could come up with, but they don’t come off as pensive, peevish or nervy.

I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who likes to enjoy the intricacies of cinema. It is, perhaps, even better than Match Point…. though nobody’s ever asked for their money back.

P.S.: I’m thinking about completely jacking Javier Bardem’s hairstyle from this film, what are your thoughts?

P.P.S.: Scarlett Johansen may have just cemented her spot as the only blond to be a candidate to become my third wife.

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