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Pineapple Sexpresss….

“I want to be inside you, bro.”

Yes, this line disturbed me too.

Let me backtrack a bit.

We went to go see Pineapple Express last night. After trying to find a theatre in Scottsdale that was not 1.) hidden inside a mall or 2.) a remnant from the 80’s, we settled on the less-awesome Harkins due to desperation. (If you’re keeping score, that’s Scottsdale Theatres: -2, Phoenix Theatres: >2) Nevertheless, I assumed comedy would succeed where convenience had failed.


Pineapple was decently funny, but I wasn’t prepared for the “cheech-and-chong action-flick” device. As mentioned above, I also wasn’t prepared for a dude to come back from the dead and say he wants to get homoerotic with James Franco. He’s the fucking Hobgoblin, c’mon!!

I will say this; previous Seth Rogen movies have caused me to want to emulate what I’ve seen on screen (see: Knocked-Up Debacle of 07-08, drinking from detergent bottles, and getting dry-humped by girls on the wrong day). This flick, however, not so much. Maybe the movie would have been funnier if I’d be toasted, but I’m prolly all talk there.

In conclusion, as pineapples go, I’d much rather see more about this guy…

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